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Grieves and Bonner’s Client-Driven Journeys Collide

Continuing to add fuel to launch client journeys, we’re pleased to announce two additions to our team.

by Katie Kohler — Posted on March 20th, 2018


Deidre Grieves joins us in the role of Marketing Operations Manager and Ryan Bonner as Content Strategist.

Grieves has a healthy case of wanderlust. She’s traveled to various destinations including her personal favorites, Paris, Ireland and Garmisch Partenkirchen, a small town in Bavaria. Bonner immerses himself into various worlds sometimes without leaving his hometown zip code. The award-winning marketer blends his passion for hip-hop with an innovative approach to social marketing strategy.

Their journeys collide as they bring their impressive backgrounds to our team to serve an expanding roster of clients.

“I love to travel because I feel that it really exposes you to uncomfortable situations. Getting into a place where you are a bit overwhelmed is a good exercise in identifying who you are as a person and how you handle certain situations,” says Grieves.

But she is just as content at home in Manayunk surrounded by her two beloved dogs, Berger, an 11-year-old Dachshund/Jack Russell mix, and Hailey, a 12-year-old miniature Dachshund. Of course, there is always room for her husband, Nick, and a good book.

Grieves has experience in traditional media where she oversaw content as an editor and also produced stories under rigorous deadlines.

At Pet360 Media, the top publisher of pet content, Grieves started as a Lifestyle Editor and then grew to be the company’s Senior Digital Media Producer and Content Strategist. It gelled with her love of animals, as she led the content operations and content strategy at petMD.com and PawCulture.com. She oversaw a team of editors while working closely with the marketing department to ensure the content was being distributed to the most effective channels.

The pull of the Marketing Operations Manager position proved to have the same effect a bacon-wrapped bone would have on one of her pooches. She saw an opportunity to make a substantial impact, join a dynamic team and work with a diverse set of clients.

“There is a lot of opportunity for growth in content development, video production and creative work in addition to the other great services we offer,” says Grieves.

While Grieves’ travels have taken her across the globe, Ryan Bonner is obsessed with moving between worlds that don’t require a boarding pass. He bounces from the world of hip-hop where he escapes as the sound of KRS-ONE flows through his headphones to the world of digital marketing where he is always listening to people and analytics.

It is all connected. The content. The marketing. The execution. Bonner possesses an innate ability to identify the pulse that flows through all of the components.

His career has reached various realms of digital marketing. He has experience in social media management, social media marketing, content development, community development analytics, social listening and copywriting.

Bonner previously worked at Berwyn-based Quattro as a Digital Marketing Manager and moved through the ranks as a Content Writer and Content Producer.

“I care about what I do,” says Bonner. “I’ve always been internally motivated with getting the best product. I love helping people. Having empathy is a huge part of marketing. Understanding their brand and what their needs are and doing everything in your absolute power to make sure it happens with something original and effective.”

Bonner has hip-hop flowing through his ears and feet (he’s been a hip-hop dancer since nine-years-old) but social media pumps through his veins. A digital native, he immerses himself in social media channels on and off work hours.

He searches for tactics that work on his personal social media that might translate for a client and starts each day by reading his favorite industry blogs. Bonner knows that when it comes to social media and its indispensable analytics, change is constant.

Still, he searches for a tempo, no matter how offbeat.

“It’s constantly manifesting in my body somehow. It’s something internal that resonates throughout me.”

He has already proved to be a valuable addition to our talented cast.

“This is a unique agency. The talent here is astronomical. The creative and the writers all come together perfectly to create something that is amazing. It makes it easy to come to work every day,” says Bonner. “I want to challenge clients to think outside the box in terms of content marketing. There is the education slant of knowing what your audience’s pain points are so they will turn to your business as the go-to destination.”

With Grieves and Bonner onboard, we think this may be their most compelling journey yet as they join us in fueling clients’ growth.