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How to Adjust to Facebook’s Ad Changes

In order to keep you primed for growth, we work to stay ahead of industry trends.

by Katie Kohler — Posted on August 7th, 2018


In order to keep you primed for growth, we work to stay ahead of industry trends. There’s a big one coming up.

I’m sure you’ve seen Facebook in the headlines recently. As a result of the increased pressure for data privacy, Facebook is making changes that have implications we need to address.

Among these changes are new requirements for custom audience targeting which will be in effect for all advertisers. Starting this in July, Facebook is requiring all “custom audience” uploads to include the origin of the information (how the emails uploaded to Facebook for targeting were obtained). From this point forward, it must be indicated whether the information was collected directly from individuals submitting their emails, provided by partners, or a combination of the two.

Additionally, Facebook is in the process of shutting down Partner Categories, the products that enable third-party data providers to offer specialized targeting categories and parameters directly on Facebook.

How will this affect your business?

  • + Not much will change since Facebook is an ad-driven company and still has a huge amount of powerful targeting data that users willingly share.
  • + It might take longer to locate the correct audience since users can turn off targeted ads.
  • + Initially, the cost might increase for Facebook ads since there are fewer targeting options.

How to adjust.

Currently, we don’t believe there is a reason to make big adjustments surrounding Facebook ads and paid marketing strategies. We will be monitoring our clients’ campaigns closely to identify and resolve warning signs before they become problems.

It’s a good time to increase focus on methods of acquiring opted-in emails and contact information outside of Facebook.

A few ideas to consider together:

We can help your business stay ahead of Facebook’s ad changes. Let’s get together soon to discuss.