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I knew that if I failed I wouldn't regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.
- Jeff Bezos | Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.
- Henry Ford | The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.
- Amelia Earhart | Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
- Howard Thurman | If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all.​
- Michelangelo |

Thought Starters and Problem Solvers

How to Manage a Team of Experts When You’re Not an Expert

If you’re a manager and you’ve built your team the right way, then your team is a team of experts.

It starts with hiring people who are just as good as you, and sometimes even better. It follows with trusting and empowering them.

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How to Adjust to Facebook’s Ad Changes

In order to keep you primed for growth, we work to stay ahead of industry trends.

There’s a big one coming up.

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9 Things Conversationally Intelligent Managers Say

I’m a rookie in the management world.

So how can I contribute to a winning culture that inspires commitment and ownership of the future?

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Creatives Join to Form One Club Philly

Philadelphia presents many conundrums.

You got Third Street, then Two Street, then all of a sudden, boom, Front Street.

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How Managers Can Use Psychology to Build a Happier, More Productive Team

How can I get the most out of my team, while making sure everyone is still highly positive, and most importantly, happy?

Understanding the psychology of the team and what drives each and every one of us has helped me figure out why we have the struggles we have, and the successes that we do.

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Why Your Meetings Need a Bad Guy

How many times have you been stuck in a meeting room, with peers presenting their ideas, and somehow the conversation turns into favoring idea “A”, and you didn’t even get a chance to suggest idea “B”?

That’s where “Designated dissenters” come in. They are the bad guys that save the day.

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How To Take Your Client's Pain Away

There are two kinds of experiences or products today: painkillers and vitamins. Painkiller products are vital.

Simply put: Vitamins are nice to have features, like process improvements. Your process worked already, but with a vitamin, it is easier. Painkillers allow your business to move forward. They make your life better.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Lead?

Lessons learned along the road to becoming a manager.

Because at the end of the day, people don’t work for companies – they work for people.

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Why We're Applying Game Principles to Revolutionize Our Product Designs & How You Can Too

#1 - Epic meaning and calling.

Applying game principles to real-life problems changes how we view and approach issues. How? Well, that’s what the octalysis framework is here for.

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Muhlenhaupt + Company Makes $500k Investment in Philadelphia Businesses

Philly Businesses Win When They Share the Love

Love makes the world go round. If people love something – an idea, a product, a brand – there is no better investment.

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5 Productivity Hacks for Meeting Deadlines

In a world of distractions—from social media to your noisy coworkers—how does anyone meet a deadline?

We live in a society that commends overexertion and criticizes rest. It’s in your best interest for you, and everyone around you, to recognize when you need time away from your work.

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The Millennial Workforce

Ways to Connect With Future Leaders

Today’s generation no longer cares about a steady job—they care about culture sharing, social good, resiliency, and reciprocity. A job is not just a job, but rather, a means to do something greater in the world. So how do we make our millennials champions?

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Grieves and Bonner’s Client-Driven Journeys Collide at Muhlenhaupt + Company

Continuing to add fuel to launch client journeys, we’re pleased to announce two additions to our team.

Deidre Grieves joins us in the role of Marketing Operations Manager and Ryan Bonner as Content Strategist.

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Luminary Dinners

If you could have dinner with any four people, living or dead, who would they be?

The question is a common icebreaker with similar answers. Steve Jobs. Muhammad Ali. The Pope. Michael Jordan. Steven Spielberg. Albert Einstein. Abraham Lincoln. Nikola Tesla. Walt Disney.

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Designing the “Rest” Book Covers

How our designers interpret “Rest,” by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Here at Muhlenhaupt + Company, Christmastime provides the wonderful opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and warm appreciation for the relationships we have been privileged to develop with clients, partners, advisors, and friends.

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Close Big Deals in December with These 3 Steps

There’s still time to deliver results that will put your projections on the "Nice" list.

It can be tempting to use your 2017 sales forecast as kindling for roasting chestnuts, but if you haven’t hit your numbers yet, there is still hope.

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Rolling in Grit

Without effort, your skill is nothing more than what you could have done but didn't.

According to Duckworth, the real key as to why some people succeed and others don’t is grit. Or in other words, perseverance and passion for long-term goals despite obstacles.

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AIGA Roundtable: Designing for Digital

New insights, new connections, and new friends.

It’s that feeling of, “Oh! You’ve been there too and I’m not alone!” But of course, there’s more to it than just bonding over our struggles. Meeting and talking with new designers is refreshing and eye-opening.

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Reap Big Results With Only Little Effort

How Applying a Timeless Principle to Your Business Today Can Get 64% of the Results With Only 4% of the Effort.

The Pareto Principle has interested Staples throughout his fifteen years in marketing because he enjoys identifying things that have the most leverage. He finds the 80/20 principle “shockingly accurate” when looking at different systems.

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Building a Creative Team

How We Run on a Shared Sense of Purpose

One of the most important steps in creating a team that can rely on each other is building trust. How can we create trust if we don’t know each other as the people that we are, with different likes, lives and personalities?

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Emotion of Shapes

Shapes send messages without saying a word.

A red octagon screams stop! A bull’s-eye might spur a Target run.

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Think you’re exceptional? Think again

If we’re exceptional, then we don’t need to be better.

People like to think they're exceptional. Researchers call it illusory superiority. But being truly exceptional starts with recognizing your weaknesses and building strategies to overcome them.

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Goodbye AIM

After twenty years, AIM is slamming the door for good.

When I got my first cell phone back in the early 2000s, I was allotted a strict 100 texts per month. How was a girl supposed to survive? Luckily there was AIM – where one could go while doing their homework to take part in some really intellectual conversations (Sup? NM u?! NM!) or vent about their day.

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Family-Owned Businesses Still Run the World

Making it to our fourth generation.

Family businesses have been around since the dawn of time. They are the oldest company model and still the most common type of economic organization to this day.

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Hosting My First Vistage Meeting

“It all happens when the group meets.”

The rare opportunity to sit at the Vistage table and benefit from their insights, decision-making rationale and leadership tactics was something I’d be a fool to pass up.

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Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

Who Says Work Can't Be Fun?

Here at M+Co, we always take a step back and do team activities outside of work.

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99 Problems but Design Ain't One

Winning the Graphis Award

With all this talk about strategy, you’d think we spent years training with American chess grandmaster, Bobby Fischer. But we didn’t just play chess, we created a new version of it.

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A Warm Welcome to Todd Staples

Expanding our talent to reach wider audiences.

When you mix great design AND expertly optimized online journeys, your revenue will skyrocket. Unfortunately, very few agencies know how to deliver both of these critical areas of expertise.

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Access Summit 2017

Hosting 200 Leaders from Access Information Management

Team Members come from all over the US and South America, including Hawaii, Costa Rica, Brazil, Panama, and Trinidad, energized and ready to go.

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Digital Play

The Driving Force Behind Our New Website

I’ll never forget when it all clicked. I was sitting in a room at the 2016 Adobe MAX Conference, among hundreds of designers, when I heard the words, “play is the future of digital brand engagement.”

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Team M+Co: In it to Win it This Year!

Your dreams aren’t the only ones we can achieve.

Most resolutions are like rules; they are made to be broken. But at M+Co, we take goals seriously.

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Psychology of Color

Color is a language. Know what your brand is saying.

The material world we live in also happens to be very visual, but can you really manipulate people into buying your product or service with a simple color choice? We admit that research might actually suggest you can, however, you’re only getting half of the story.

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By doing good, we do well.

We don't think we're going to change the world here, but we are changing individual lives by empowering a harmony between life at work and life at home. We're also able to provide the life to our employees, and their families, that is meaningful and comfortable.

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Adobe MAX Follow Up

Always seeking new ways to keep the fire burning.

What do you get when you combine delicious California weather, 10,000 creatives and innovative technology that pushes the boundaries of creativity? Adobe MAX 2016.

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Our Office Move

Feeling finally at home in our new place in Manayunk.

The team loves the new location, we’re saving money, and we’re having fun. As we had hoped, the new digs have become a great collaboration space.

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