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Designing for Personas

Research and Surveys Lead to Superior App Design

Client Piece Of Mind ProvidedUser Experience + User Interface
Project Grocery Shopping Made Easy Year 2017
The Challenge

Technological advances have helped us become more informed consumers. For example, a quick Google search can make buying decisions both smarter and easier: Is buying Apple better than Android? Is a Toyota more reliable than a Volkswagen? Are Nike sneakers more comfortable than Adidas? However, technology often fails us at the supermarket.

How can we quickly identify if Granola Box A is healthier than Granola Box B? While you can take the time to read through a lengthy jumble of hard to pronounce ingredients, consumers are often stumped. This poses a greater challenge for shoppers with food allergies, sensitivities and/or dietary restrictions who must ensure they are not consuming certain ingredients.

Whether it is a choice or not, making good decisions to maintain certain eating habits is difficult when there is no transparency on the foods we purchase. Shoppers want to be more informed about the foods they are buying, but the time that is needed to research each ingredient is currently overwhelming, at best.

Using personas can drive results such as a 28% higher campaign response rate, 2-3 month shorter sales cycle, and 25% increase in marketing influenced revenue.

– SiriusDecisions

Persona-based websites saw 210% increase in website traffic, 97% increase in website generated leads, 124% increase in website generated sales.

– MarketingSherpa
The Process

In order to identify a target audience and find out more about grocery shopping habits, we designed and conducted a survey. The questions asked pertained to:

  • The quantity of applicable food allergies, intolerances and/or dietary restrictions (if any).
  • The length of average shopping trips.
  • The biggest challenges to overcome.
  • The decision-making processes used.

From the survey analysis, we created a primary persona and two secondary personas that fit the target audience. Keeping these personas in mind, we designed user flows that would help guide the site map. With low fidelity wireframes, we then conducted user testing sessions to determine the usability of the app.

Problem Solved.

The end product is a mobile app that seeks to simplify the grocery shopping experience for people with food allergies, intolerances and/or dietary restrictions. Within the app, users can customize their food preference and then use their mobile devices to scan a barcode. If the food product contains any of the ingredients indicated as “not safe to consume” by the user, then an alert is shown along with options for alternative food items. Furthermore, users are able to use the app to read current health news, make grocery lists and interact with a community of like-minded individuals or friends.

By using this app, consumers will experience a "Peace of Mind" when it comes to their food selections. We created a faster, more enjoyable shopping experience, with our unique array of customers top of mind.